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"Sun Shun Fuk Foods Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Sun Shun Fuk) in 1960 by Mr. Zheng Yaopeng established in Hong Kong. Sun Shun Fuk the spirit of """with sincerity, innovation means""" purpose, in the past 40 years of continuous efforts to provide customers with new high-quality food, and stick to pledges. Today, the company has become one of the major food suppliers, the supply of more than 100 countries. Sun Shun Fuk agent of food products, including brand】 【Peach main types of pasta and Chinese seasonings. Area consists of fresh pasta noodles, instant noodles, bowl of noodles, Chinese noodles and the traditional gift for more than 150 models products. Sun Shun Fuk Sau Tao 』『 agent who has been awarded numerous awards, including the 2000 """Hong Kong Top Ten Brand""" and """food hygiene test PARKnSHOP Award"""; 2004 """Super Brand""", highlights the Sun Shun Fuk Management high quality brand results. Sun Shun Fuk sales network, including our major supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, grocery stores and with home market. In addition, Sun Shun Fuk also exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and so on more than 100 countries around the world to provide quality food. In order to provide excellent services and to meet the needs of the market, Sun Shun Fuk, Hong Kong own more than 20 thousand square meters warehouse and set up the transport fleet and operation of computerized logistics system, coupled with professional customers ordering Services from the Customer Enquiry , order and transport, to provide customers with a quicker one-stop service. Sun Shun Fuk to """use good faith, and innovative spirit""" as the goal, is committed to providing innovative quality products and excellent service. The future will continue to enhance the corporate image, enhance service quality, and actively solicit more competitive products with market and brand, providing customers with a wide range of choices."

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  • Food & Beverage - Grain Products - Noodles
  • Area Decheng,Deqing,Zhaoqing,Guangdong,China
    Business Type Business Service
    Main Products & Services Sau Tao healthy pasta
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